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Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Super Hard Tools Co.,Ltd  

Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Super Hard Tools Co.,Ltd
Sektör : [ Alet Avadanlık ]

No.166 Science Avenue,New High Tech Zone,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,in China
Henan - - Çin

Nina   Qiao
8613526572721 E-Mail

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      Semic-automatic grinding machine for pcd cbn tools
    Semic-automatic grinding machine for pcd cbn tools
    1.Our grinderis an equopment which are used to economically manufacture and grinding ofPCD, PCBN and CVD tools, also can be used for grinding hard alloy cutting tools and other materials.It can grind thestandard or non standard car blade, milling cutter, boring cutter, cutter and variety of other types of tools, very easily grind out the angle and radius in these tools

    2.Feature of Model
    A.Bilateral position for ergonomics
    B.Radial clamping for spindle rigidity
    C.Spindle with cooling brings a long life span
    D.Servo Variable oscillation automatically
    E.Servo control, auto & manual feeding
    F.CCD monitoring & measuring, automatic centering
    E.Graph process and video Demo on PC
    F.Central lubrication, coolant with filter

    3.Dimensions and Weight
    Overall Dimensions L×W×H:1700×1150×1970mm

    4.we also supply different grinding wheels and give out good suggestion for different grit size grinding wheels when processing different workpiece such as pcd,pcbn,cemented carbide.

    5.If you need our grinding machine,welcome to contact Ms Nina,skype:nina-superhardtools

    6.the grinding wheels type:1A1,12A2,6A2,12V9 ,14A1 etc.

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  • Semic-automatic grinding machine for pcd cbn tools

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