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Jar Hon Machinery Co., Ltd.  

Jar Hon Machinery Co., Ltd.
Sektör : [ Sondaj ]

No.6, Renhuagong 16th Rd., Dali Dist,
- - Taiwan

Jimmy   Kao
886424912382 E-Mail

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  • 0-1 Million US$

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      Auto Feeding Tapping Machine
    ․It can be used to tapping threads whether it has metal chips or not.
    ․It is a fully auto. feeding continuous tapping, one operater can be able to operate several machines at the same time.
    ․The gear-pitch type auto. tapping has highly precise and accurate thread for finished products.
    ․There is an accurate tap depth and it is suitable for tapping blind hole.
    ․There are safety device of feeding, torque, radial, and clamping. It ensures the tapping life and its safety.
    ․It governed by PLC control.
    ․It can change different sizes of tool easily.
    ․The machine will stop automatically if its abnormal or there are any semi-finished products.

    ․Pneumatic: JT-4508E
    ․Hydraulic : JT-6516E (JT-6532E)

    Please visit our website at www.jarhon.com.tw for more information and quotation.

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